Remco co-hosting Bang Your Radio

Yesterday Remco co-hosted the last hour of the lovely program Bang Your Radio. He hand picked an hour of music that means something to both him and us as a band. For all of you who use Spotify, we put all the songs on a playlist that you can enjoy. Feel free to subscribe to it, and share it with your friends.

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For those who listened, Remco had a little story with every song. We’ve asked him to write them down below, so all of you can read why certain songs are on this playlist.  Enjoy, and let us know what you think of his choices!

01 – Black Sabbath – Children Of The Grave
Without Black Sabbath (heavy) metal/rock wouldn’t be the way it is now. True pioneers, and we are big fans. Tony Iommi really is the master of all heavy metal riffs.

02 – Iron Maiden – Killers
This is where it all started for me, aged eight. My first encounter with heavy music. After NtA shows, we tend to blast the Maiden “Life After Death” album,and all sing along.

03 – Misfits – Hybrid Moments
Glenn is a big example to me as a singer. And I love how they played melodic punk rock without even realizing it!

04 – Bad Religion – Suffer
Best band in the world. Many drunk late night conversations have happened in the past about what the best album was, but for now, let’s just pick this song. From an album that became the blue print of melodic punk rock. Or as Fat Mike said it: “The record that changed everything”.

05 – Life Of Agony – Through And Through
Life Of Agony is a big influence on Note to Amy. Dark music, heavy guitars, but with clean vocals. We’ve done a live version of River Runs Red on many occasions.

06 – Slayer – Filler/I Don’t Want To Hear It
Every playlist needs Slayer. And this is just such an amazing cover. Intense, aggressive and just as good as the original.

07 – Lagwagon – Change Despair
We are all Lagwagon fans. I love how their music stayed fast and energetic and how they moved from a more metal oriented start, but still manage to write ‘smart’ songs.

08 – Senses Fail –  Sick Or Sane
From Still Searching. Important album, that came out around the time we were doing our first EP. Has been a big influence both lyrically and musically to us, and we’ve all played it till death. Eelco and me have sent millions of emails to each other analyzing those lyrics. He says we wouldn’t be friends if it wasn’t for this album.

09 – Face To Face – Blind
For Marco, it’s his favorite band, even though the album is from 1996 😉
Trever Keith is one of the most amazing song writers in punk rock, and has delivered many catchy sing-a-long. And (drunk) sing-a-longs is something we love to do as a band. Especially at festivals or after our own shows.

10 – Ignite – By My Side
Zoli is one of my favourite singers, and I can’t wait till we play with that band on Geuzenpop (August 4th).

11 – Modern Life Is War – Midnight At The Potatoe Factory
This song has been an inspiration to the lyrics of Death Squad. I like the line “Pledge no loyalty to anything but your dreams”. Jeffrey Eaton was (and probably still is) an amazing lyricist.

12 – Benighted – Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth
We are all huge music fans, so every year we make a list of best albums that came out that year. In 2011, or communal best album was Asylum Cave by Benighted. This track we played loud, with all the windows open when we drove into St Etienne (Benighted’s home town) while on tour, while singing along (well, singing…). Great song, great band, great memories!

13 – Screw Houston Start Screaming – Struggles In The Night
One of our best friends sings in this band; Roelof. He’s the guy who can be heard screaming on our album as well, he does some vocals in Deflower and A Wreck! A Wreck! A Wreck! for instance.

14 – Berri Txarrak – Haria
Thanks to Berri Txarrak, who are also on Graviton, we got to play some awesome shows in Spain and London, together with these Basque rockers. We were blown away by their live shows, intense, tight and loud! Great people and great songwriters.

15 – Touche Amore – Sesame
Touche Amore is an interesting band. Nothing standard, but willing to try something else within the hardcore framework. Lyrically very interesting, it’s like little poems on music. This song is a personal favorite from last years album.

16 – The Menzingers – Gates
This might be the best song of 2012. The Menzingers released an album this year, and performed on Groezrock, as one of the first bands on the Saturday. We all got up extremely early, drove to Belgium, rushed to the campsite, quickly put up our tents, got some beers, and find ourselves a good spot to see them play. We just really didn’t wanna miss out!

17 – Testament – True American Hate
We pretty much all grew up listening to metal and started to listen to metal when the Bay Area Thrash was at its peak. One of our favorite bands from that era definately is Testament. Three classics in three years (’87-’89). Ridiculous. We are really psyched about their new album, so this is the perfect last song to this playlist!

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