Studio update part 4

In the fourth, and last, studio episode, you’ll get a nice inside look on how we recorded the vocals for our upcoming full length.
You’ll see -and very important; hear- Remco sing one of our new favourites, get to see the crazy guy we had to deal with while recording and we threw in a bunch of celebs to help us create a USA for Africa feel!
Maurice of the awesome dutch punk pop band “Call It Off” is doing some guest vocals, just as Marco Roelofs, who you should all know from fronting “De Heideroosjes” for many many years.

We also invited some friends who you might recognise from acts like Call It Off, Smash The Statues, The 101’s or DJ RookieKahKooh, to come do some gang vocals with us.
Well, grab yourself a coffee or tea, kick back, and enjoy the last video in the series, and learn all about recording vocals. We’ll be back soon with more info on the release of the full album.

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