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Why do people do what they do? What really motivates them? And how come it’s always the most fun things that can easily destroy you? We go for the things that please us most because, as we grow older and responsibilities increase, escaping from the daily grind seems more and more appealing. Chaos, destruction and the unexpected seem to Note to Amy like exciting adventures that lay ahead. For the Dutch five-piece, it’s all about thrill seeking and sharing precious moments. It’s about togetherness and it’s about exploring unpaved roads with the people you like best. Rock ‘n’ roll isn’t something you learn from reading a book. And, for sure, punk rock isn’t!

On the Dutch band’s second album lead vocalist Remco Tuns touches subjects that are darker and more grim than ever before, but quite realistic at the same time. Or, as he states it: “This album is about growing older, about getting back on your feet after losing dear friends and about longing for some peace and quiet as life passes you by. But, at the same time, you want to stay eighteen all your life and never stop playing in a band. We’re always looking for a way out. I really hope there’s more to life than this to keep me going!”

Sometimes real friendship is much more important than a big-selling hit or a perfectly executed solo. ‘Going Down’, the first single from Note to Amy’s second record (set to be released at the end of November on White Russian Records), is about what makes a band a band. Remco: “Is this something that will eventually kill me or something I just can’t do without?” The lyric video that accompanies the single clearly answers that question by showing the five guys, accompanied by loved ones and members of befriended bands All For Nothing, Antillectual, Apehanger, Berri Txarrak, Call It Off, Harsh Realms, John Coffey, Long Way Down, March, Screw Houston Start Screaming!, Sidewalk, Smash The Statues, Speakerpunch, The 101’s, The Charm The Fury, The Death Traps, The Lowest Standard and Tim Vantol. A great team effort of a very tight scene!

All throughout 2013 Note to Amy worked on the new songs, had weekend sessions and did an extensive pre-production. Just like with 2011’s ‘Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts’, the band’s second album was produced, mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs and Bouke Visser at Split Second Sound in Amsterdam, who are also featured in the video. They are known for their work with acts like Textures, Face Tomorrow and Autumn.

Compared to the debut album the new material shows more of the band’s love for punk rock, without losing its trademark sound. The album will be a heavy, energetic, up-tempo, organic sounding and melodic portrayal of rock music with a unique level of catchiness. Two songs feature guest vocalists; Maurice Bolier, from label buddies Call It Off, and ex-De Heideroosjes singer Marco Roelofs. People from The 101’s, Smash The Statues and Call If Off helped the band recording ‘gang vocals’. Once again: a great team effort!

Note to Amy got together around the summer of 2005 and almost immediately started playing live. Since then, they’ve opened for acts like Coheed And Cambria, Silverstein, Cancer Bats, Samiam, Mucky Pup, Ignite, Death By Stereo, Nations Afire, The Hard-Ons, Face Tomorrow, Destine and Heideroosjes. In early 2012, the band toured Spain together with Basque rockers Berri Txarrak. The guys have done about 150 gigs in total, including a sold-out gig in London (The Garage) and have extensively toured Germany and Holland.

Remco Tuns (vocals)
Eelco Klein Overmeen (guitar)
Guy Schwartzmans (guitar)
Marco Flohil (bass/vocals)
Wouter Dielesen (drums)

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