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This is the end

We have decided to kill Amy.
Thanks to everyone who supported us in one way or another over the years.

We have nothing but fond memories. Some a bit hazy, some very clear, but all beautiful.

You can download our entire discography for free at

Eelco, Guy, Marco, Remco & Wouter

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“The House” is out now!

Some of you might have heard the song “The House” at one of our shows or at the b-side of our 7″ single “Loved Ones”. It was about time we released it on its own into the digital world; so – The House is out now!
Once again with lovely artwork from our buddy Paul at Legion Tattoo – you can find the single on every digital platform – and as mentioned, on the b-side of our 7″ single “Loved Ones”. Head over to our store to grab one, and check out the brand new track below if you haven’t already!


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New music!

We’re beyond stoked to share our upcoming single with you!
Loved Ones will be out on White Russian Records on March 16th as a 7″ and in digital form.

More info on how to get your hands on one soon!

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