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Studio update part three!

The recording of our upcoming full length is almost done, some backing vocals and guest vocals left, and then it’s off to mixing!
In the meantime we created another short video with some studio footage of Guy, Eelco and Marco recording guitars and bass.

Check it out if you like to know how we made our record, or if you are dying to hear some new bits and pieces of songs!
Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for automatic updates, like the next studio report which will feature some professional yodeling by our favorite Note to Amy singer Remco.

Next to releasing these videos and only saying there will be a new record, we’ve decided to take this whole circus one step further as well; we’re gonna play live. Yes kids, you read that right; we will all get together, and be on the same stage, at the same time, and we’ll even play some of our old hits and new favorites for you!

All joking aside; we’ve been rehearsing some new sets, and included many new songs in there, and we are thrilled to be booking shows again and can’t wait to see you all and perform the new songs for you.
For now the first two shows we’ll be doing are festivals, coming June. On June 7th you can find us on Knipoog Festival, and on June 13th we’ll be playing on the amazing Jera On Air, as part of the White Russian Records showcase. We are so extremely excited about this, as it’s an amazing line-up, and we get to see The Black Dahlia Murder.

For now, enjoy the video below!


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Don’t call it Schnitzel!

Last weekend we played at the Eurock Marathon, featuring Nina Hagen, and some great bands from all over Europe that we hadn’t met or heard before. We had a lovely time, partied hard, rocked hard, handed out a million flyers for our next German shows, made some friends, went bowling and drove home again.

It was a good taste of Germany so to say, and we are very excited to drive back over there next week, for our “Don’t Call It Schnitzel-tour”.
This trip we’ll be hitting Berlin, Hamburg, Osnabrück and Köln, and in Holland you can catch us in Tilburg, Den Haag and Gemert. All shows are together with our great friends of Berri Txarrak. Check out the shows section on the website to have the last info on our dates, and on where to get your tickets from.

If you would like to know what Note to Amy in Germany looks like, have a look at the video below. It’s a news item on German television about the Eurock Marathon, and it features us playing “Love Is A Dog From Hell”.

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Eurock Marathon – Free show!

So, this weekend we’ll be playing in Berlin, at the Eurock Marathon.
The German radio station Radio Eins has done an almost 6 minute special, including our song Deflower, on our band, which you can check out here. The location of the event has moved to the Postbahnhof (Strasse der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin), and entrance is free!
We hope to see a lot of german friends and future german friends there.

We’ll be back in Berlin on December 5th for our show with Berri Txarrak.
In the meantime check out our web store,  and get a 20% discount when entering the code “wintertour” on check out, or just download our two track single “Deflower/Oak” for free!

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