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Best of 2016

A few weeks ago we were all getting nervous and excited. Not for Christmas or any other religious get togethers, but over the fact that another musical year had passed (and sadly some of our heroes also passed…).
Another year means another long list of albums that came out over the past twelve months. As always our music taste is a very welcome conversation topic when we’re together. Also when we’re not together, since we are quite modern and stay in touch via WhatsApp.
So, we had lot of fun making this, and lots of good memories discussing last musical year. Marco’s favorite band Face To Face made a new record and this time it’s good (we all agreed that the last one was a bit of a deception).The Oathbreaker album also was met with some big enthusiasm in our group; impressive and intens record over which quite a few messages were sent to eachother. We were all blown away by the amazing Nails album which we described best as “heavy as fuck”.
And just like every year we have a classic punkrock band in our year list; this time the Descendents. Being in a punkrock band you just simply gotta love the Descendents. And we do. We will have a long hard talk with Guy when we see him as he has some explaining to do on not putting it on his list.

The number one record of us tho is the Touché Amoré record “Stage Four”. It ends up on only three of the five members’ lists, but they all put it is number one, so it left some impression.
All in all, a great top 5, and we think it shows quite well how diverse we are as people within our band. We made a handy playlist that you can subscribe too, or where you can listen to the five albums that we crowned “Best of 2016”, maybe you’ll find some gems in there. We know we’ll be blasting it in our van when we come towards you next time!

If you click the ‘continue reading’ button on the bottom, you will be able to see all our individual lists as well.
Feel free to let us know your lists, we love seeing those!

Best of 2016

01 – Touché Amoré – Stage Four
02 – Oathbreaker – Rheia
03 – Descendents – Hypercaffium Spazzinate
04 – Face to Face – Protection
05 – Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us

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