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Compilation time!

We might not have a new album yet, but we are featured on some new albums!
Our label White Russian Records released a lovely compilation with 18 tracks, featuring I Against I, Travoltas, March and many more awesome bands. Our song “Here They Come Now” is featured on there.

Give it a play on Spotify (or Deezer, Apple Music, Bandcamp or whatever you’re a fan of) below.

Another compilation surfaced too: KROD records created a playlist called “Dutch Me Tender” filled with the best Dutch punkrock! There’s us and awesome other bands like Antillectual, The 101’s, Tusky, Call It Off and many more.  Definitely worth checking out (Playlist below. How convenient!)


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Say Cheese!

The lovely people of North Empire have released an amazing compilation, featuring only Dutch punk rock bands, and we are proud to be on it, together with some great bands and friends.

You can listen to the album for free on the bandcamp page, or download it from the same spot, from May29th and on.

The download is based on the ‘name your price’ principle. You can download it for free and just rock out to all these awesome tunes, or you can donate some euros. All donations will go to a good cause: Wakker Dier.
Wakker Dier is an organization that fights for the welfare/rights of animals being caught in factory farming.

Note to Amy is featured on this great compilation with the track Oak, taken from our album “Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts”, which is available in our web store.

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