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Remco co-hosting Bang Your Radio

Yesterday Remco co-hosted the last hour of the lovely program Bang Your Radio. He hand picked an hour of music that means something to both him and us as a band. For all of you who use Spotify, we put all the songs on a playlist that you can enjoy. Feel free to subscribe to it, and share it with your friends.

We will be posting more playlists soon, so feel free to follow us as a user.

For those who listened, Remco had a little story with every song. We’ve asked him to write them down below, so all of you can read why certain songs are on this playlist. ¬†Enjoy, and let us know what you think of his choices!

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We just heard that our band got selected by Eric Corton, to be featured in the rock category, on Cortonville.
There’s two more bands, and the visitors of the site can vote on their favourite over the next two weeks.

In the end the one with the most votes will go to some final, and can win some prices.
If you want to vote for us, which would be lovely, you can do that here – but if you’re not bothered you can go to the same link and listen to three of our songs anyway.

Feel free to share the news, ask your friends and family to vote for us, and if you do, be sure to come tell us in person this weekend at one of our shows. Friday we’ll be rocking in Tex Mex in Spijkenisse, Saturday we’ll be tearing up the stage at Tattoofest in Nijverdal.

Head over to our show section for some more detailed info!

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Radio Radio Radio

Note to Amy on your radio!

Note to Amy on your radio!

Tonight – Tuesday January 17th, Marco and Remco will be guests at Bang Your Radio.
The show will air live between 10pm and 11pm (that’s local time here in Holland for all of you living in other time zones).

You can listen to what they have to say live thru the station’s website, or by looking up “Omroep Zuidplas” on your mobile phone in the free application TuneIn.

Don’t feel sad if you don’t get a chance to check it out, some of us will be guests next Friday (January 27th) on the program Local Popscene. You can hear our sweet voices, some funny stories, deep insights and of course some of our tunes between 7pm and 10pm there. You can tune in virtually by heading over to this page!

Let us know if there’s anything you want to hear us talk about, or if you have any questions you absolutely need to ask us!

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